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Swan Financial Advisors is an independent, women-focused, financial consulting and coaching firm lead by Jennifer Perri.  

As a "women-focused" firm, led by a woman, we understand the challenges that women face and the need for a unique style of financial planning. 

We typically meet with a client for the first time when a life-changing event occurs: divorce, loss of a spouse, career change or some other event that drastically impacts their lives. Women who encounter loss and tragedy often get hit with a second wave of challenges: dealing with their finances. No matter where you might find yourself in this transition, there's a good chance you feel isolated, confused, overwhelmed and scared. But, you are not alone. 

Our goal is to educate and equip our clients with the necessary tools to make smart financial decisions and successfully transition from financial trauma to financial triumph. In working with Swan Financial, we hope to break the cycle of procrastination and help our clients develop a healthy and empowered relationship with money.  

At Swan Financial, we are dedicated to helping make life's transitions easier. We are a holistic financial consulting and coaching firm who believes an educated investor is a successful one. We provide planning services and strategies in the following areas: Divorce Financial Planning (pre and post divorce), life insurance, income planning, annuities, long term care solutions, retirement planning (401k, 403b, pension planning, etc.) healthcare planning and legacy planning. 

We encourage you to browse our site, learn more about who we are and how we help our clients. We also encourage you to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call to see if we might be a fit for you.  


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We love our clients...and they love us! 

Jennifer is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the financial world. As a result, she can recommend several different strategies and products thus allowing you to make educated decisions about your future. Jennifer is also very versed in the retirement arena thus a great financial consultant for those looking to prepare for the future or make sure their assets are well protected. I recommend Jennifer to all of my friends and feel confident this is a great decision for them as it certainly has been for me and my family. 

Cheryl k.
Gainesville, GA

Jennifer Perri and Swan Financial Advisors are truly incredible! Jennifer has helped me personally in terms of planning for my financial future. She has also helped me professionally in my marketing endeavors and providing quality help and resources to my family law clients. Jennifer is empowering, encouraging, supportive, intelligent, and compassionate. Her passion is to help others, and it shows!

stephanie w.
woodstock, GA

Jennifer is an absolute Godsend to women learning how to manage life and finances, specifically after going through a life change and becoming the head of their finances. She has guided me through a divorce and becoming a single mom and through our time together, I have not only solidified my future in important, financial ways, but I have also gained so much knowledge about how to do that. This, along with the generous and caring spirit Jennifer exudes, has helped grow my confidence in so many areas of my life and has given me a solid foundation for who I now get to be post-divorce. I would not be who I am today without her!

Jill D. 
Decatur, GA

I’ve been a loyal client of Jennifer's for years! Even though I moved out of state, she has continued to be my financial consultant and a dear friend. No matter what questions I have, she is always there to answer them and help me make sense of things. I love Jennifer and can't imagine a life without her in it!

Courtney C.
Philadelphia PA

You can't ask for a more involved, personal financial planner. Jennifer is always ready to answer questions and she explains what (to me) is the confusing world of finance!

millie s.
Snellville, GA

A great firm with leadership that loves to serve! I thank you for your insight, experience, and highly recommend Swan Financial Advisors to my friends and clients. 

Kristen P.
Sandy Springs, GA

Jennifer is an amazing advocate for women overall and especially as a coach/advisor in the wealth space. She truly helps women in transition get to the next level of wealth and security that they want to achieve. The best thing about Jennifer is that she does it with kindness, humor and empathy. I cannot say enough great things about her or the services she provides. Women who have her in their corner are truly blessed. 

Cherish D. 

From the moment I met Jennifer, there was just something about how she spoke to me that I knew she understood me. Her level of compassion, patience, and knowledge was exactly what I needed in my life after my divorce. She has helped me step into my new life and has also helped me plan for my son who has special needs. From communication to customer service, I am always impressed. Jennifer came highly recommended to me and I love recommending her and the team at Swan Financial to my family and friends.

Lisa K.
Nashville, TN



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