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Swan Financial Advisors is an independent, women-focused, financial services firm.  As a "women-focused" firm, led by a woman, we understand the need for a unique style of financial planning. As women, we want to be sure our needs will be met, we will not be a burden to others, especially our children, and that no matter what happens, we have a plan that allows us to age in life with independence, dignity and security. Despite the fact that women are becoming more knowledgeable about finances,  it seems that the busyness of life stands in the way of putting a plan in place. Our team is here to help break the cycle of procrastination and empower & educate women to take control of their lives and their money.  

In addition to servicing women, our team works with couples as they define their financial life together. It is important for a couple to have transparency and communication about their finances. Statistically, a woman will outlive her husband and at some point, with find herself solely responsible for making financial decisions. It is imperative that she always be a part of the conversation and understand what will happen should she find herself on her own at some point.  We help our couples build a financial succession plan so when the time comes, the transfer of financial responsibility is less stressful and smoother. 

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What are people saying About Swan Financial?

Jennifer Perri and Swan Financial Advisors are truly incredible! Jennifer has helped me personally in terms of planning for my financial future. She has also helped me professionally in my marketing endeavors and providing quality help and resources to my family law clients. Jennifer is empowering, encouraging, supportive, intelligent, and compassionate. Her passion is to help others, and it shows!

stephanie w.
woodstock, GA

Jennifer is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the financial world. As a result, she can recommend several different strategies and products thus allowing you to make educated decisions about your future. Jennifer is also very versed in the retirement arena thus a great financial consultant for those looking to prepare for the future or make sure their assets are well protected. I recommend Jennifer to all of my friends and feel confident this is a great decision for them as it certainly has been for me and my family. 

Cheryl k.
Gainesville, GA

You can't ask for a more involved, personal financial planner. Jennifer is always ready to answer questions and she explains what (to me) is the confusing world of finance!

millie s.
Snellville, GA



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©2020 Swan Financial Advisors, LLC- all Rights Reserved
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2002 Summit Blvd, Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30319