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Why work with a Coach?

Do you feel stuck or like you have no good options when dealing with your financial situation? We can provide you the options and support needed to get you moving again. When you meet with our financial coach, Jennifer Perri, she will examine your current financial situation, talk with you about your goals and customize a plan to meet them.

People usually don’t visit a financial coach because they’re just looking for someone to have coffee with. They do it because they need serious help taking control of their money! Maybe they’ve tried on their own and given up. Or they know they can reach their goals faster with a coach’s accountability. Or maybe they’re struggling with specific areas that require a coach’s knowledge and expertise.

What to Expect in One-On-One Coaching 
Basic Budgeting (Cash Flow Planning): We will work with you to establish a written plan for your money. Spending every dollar on purpose before the month begins. You need to happen to your money before you wonder what happened to your money.

Debt Reduction/Elimination and Understanding Debt: We will work to identify where your money is going and what actions you can take to get ahead of your debt. You simply cannot build wealth by borrowing money. By eliminating debt you can be much more aggressive in achieving your financial goals and saving for retirement regardless of whether you are 25 or 65.

Identify unhealthy spending: Simply stated, what are you spending on unnecessarily or in excess. By developing the written plan, these areas will become apparent and can be identified.

Identify your relationship with money: Everyone has a different perspective on spending, money and their approach to managing it. We will work with you to identify your individual perspective and needs. We will educate you about your options to address any areas of concern.

Develop a Strategic Savings plan: Do you currently have a plan to save for college expenses, major household repairs, down payment, a replacement car or retirement? We will examine your needs and work with you to develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Identify What's Missing: As we work through your current financial situation, we will also identify gaps that you need to address. The goal is address current AND future goals and objectives.  

We can only help you if you take the first step.

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One-On-One Financial Coaching