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The loss of a spouse is often considered the single most stressful event in someone's life. Amid the pain and sometimes shock of losing a loved one, you somehow must find a way to carry on. It is often overwhelming to pick up the financial pieces since most of the decisions you made together, now are yours alone.

One of the biggest challenges we see when someone losses their spouse is trying to figure out how to move forward. In addition, widows often fall prey to financial advisors who want to swoop in and take over far too early in the grieving process. You need to take the time to breathe, reflect and slowly start to move forward. We are here to work alongside you and follow your lead. 

To help guide you through a realistic timeline of moving forward after the loss of your spouse, we have created an eBook titled "A Widow's Survival Guide: The First Year".  Click below to view the eBook and download a copy for yourself. We are here when you are ready.

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