Our Process

At Swan Financial, we take our clients through the process of "stress-testing" their current financial situation against scenarios that are out of our control: the financial markets, their health and the loss of a loved one. Our goal is to make sure that no mater what happens in life, our clients are prepared for the financial effect it will have on them and their family. By having more visibility of the impact allows them to pro-actively make the necessary adjustments. When it comes to planning for tomorrow, you need to understand the challenges today. 

There are three key challenges that you will encounter as you look forward in your financial future: navigating uncertain markets, the rising costs of inflation, taxes and healthcare and living longer lives. Regardless of where you are in the planning process, these challenges can potentially jeopardize your retirement savings. You need to first address the challenges, then plan accordingly to meet you goals, prepare for the unexpected things you can't control and protect what matters most in your life. We are here to guide you along the way.