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 Women who encounter a life transition often get hit with a second wave of challenges: dealing with their finances. Perhaps you were in a relationship where someone else made all of the money decisions or maybe it’s as simple as the fact that no one ever taught you how to leverage money as a means to find your path and walk with confidence and security.

No matter where you are in your journey, there’s a good chance you feel isolated, confused, and overwhelmed. But here’s the awesome news - you have the power, the ability, and the strength inside you to burn through your wreckage and turn your adversity into opportunity, and ultimately create a life of purpose and prosperity. 

At the very core, my passion is helping women stand in their power and write their own story. Through my transformative programs and private sessions, my clients achieve fiscal confidence and lay the foundations for a life of power, prosperity, and purpose.

Money and financial confidence are cornerstones that can catapult success in every area of life: lifestyle, goals, relationships, and health. When we work together, change is possible - and it starts with you.

My Best,

Jennifer Perri a.k.a. "The Smart Money Gal"

CEO of Swan Financial

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Take Me There Now!

We are excited to announce the launch of the SMG Alpha Academy! 

Our online resource academy, led by its founder, Jennifer Perri, was created to help women at all stages of life find answers to questions they have about money, navigating a life-changing event and how to find the confidence to truly transform their lives. Jennifer is a Transformational Mindset & Money Coach, Financial Consultant, and Best-Selling Author who has spent almost two decades helping hundreds of women manage the toughest seasons of their lives victoriously.  She has taken her vast experience and expertise to create the courses available in the SMGAA and has been an active participant in each resource available. 

Our money is interwoven to our individual lives and major events that happen along the way. When someone has faced a life-altering event, that is usually when they seek our help. We flip the script on traditional financial coaching and consulting by addressing emotional and situational pieces first. Once your head and heart are clear and focused, then we pick up the financial pieces, together. 

Our online courses allow you to work at your own pace and on your own time. We have also made our courses very affordable, (some of our online assets are even FREE ) and very easy to access. You will also have the opportunity to connect for personal 1:1 coaching with Jennifer Perri, at any point during the course if you need that extra partner to help you reach your goals.   

Our money courses and resources will cover topics such as: 
- Budgeting
- Investing
- Insurance
- Money & Family
- Women & Money
- Financial Empowerment
- Financial Literacy for Teenagers
- Starting a Business and more!

 Our life and personal development resources will cover topics such as: 
- Widowhood
- Navigating Divorce
- Newlyweds & Marriage
- Healing from Trauma
- Overcoming Obstacles
- Confidence & Self-Esteem and more!
(be sure to bookmark our page and check back regularly) 

Our goal is to educate and empower our clients with the necessary tools to make smart financial decisions and learn to live empowered, successful lives. 

If you're ready to transform your life, we will help you get there.

No Guarantee of Results. The contents provided in our courses/reports/eBooks are for educational and informational purposes only. Client accepts, agrees, and understands that you are fully responsible for your progress and results from your participation and that we offer no representations, warranties or guarantees verbally or in writing regarding your results of any kind. You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business which are dependent on personal factors including, but not necessarily limited to, your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, network, and financial situation, to name just a few. You also understand that any testimonials or endorsements by our existing clients, customers or audience represented on our programs, websites, content, landing pages, sales pages or offerings have not been scientifically evaluated by us and the results experienced by individuals may vary significantly. Any statements outlined on our websites, programs, content, and offerings are simply our opinion and thus are not guarantees or promises of actual performance.

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